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Casting Breakdown

X-MAS: A MERRY MUTANT MUSICAL features a cast of 9 performers (with the potential for unlimited numbers of non-speaking ensemble mutants) and a flexible band of 3-5 musicians (Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Optional Guitar, and Optional Reed Doubler).

  • JEAN GREY (Soprano Belter) telepath and die-hard Christmas enthusiast, can't wait for all of her teammates to come home for the holidays!

  • CYCLOPS AKA SCOTT SUMMERS (Pop Baritone), is team leader of the X-Men and a little too serious...about everything - including securing the X-Mansion for Christmas!

  • WOLVERINE AKA LOGAN (Pop Tenor) is the team's #1 brawler and won't let anything stand between him and giving Jean Grey the best Christmas present EVER!

  • STORM AKA ORORO MUNRO (High Belter) is the team's resident weather goddess, and her joyous blizzard-making creates the perfect white Christmas!

  • NIGHTCRAWLER AKA KURT WAGNER (Tenor) teleporter and nascent theater director, brings his friends together for an unforgettable mutant nativity pageant!

  • ROGUE (Alto Belter) unable to kiss anyone under the mistletoe lest she siphon off their life force, doesn't feel very merry this Christmas...that is, until her teammates cheer her up!

  • COLOSSUS AKA PETER RASPUTIN (Bari-Tenor or Tenor) Russian with skin of pure steel, is delighted to have been cast in a STAR-ring role in Nightcrawler's nativity pageant!

  • KITTY PRYDE (Mezzo Belter) youngest member of the X-Men, believes her teammates treat her like a baby, which means she's getting a little rebellion for Christmas - er, Hanukkah!

  • MAGNETO AKA ERIK LENSHERR (Bass/Baritone), archenemy of the X-Men, is determined to destroy anyone celebrating the human holiday of Christmas - especially the X-Men! As always, Magneto is accompanied by his steadfast companion, Roomba!

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