Casting Breakdown

X-MAS: A MERRY MUTANT MUSICAL features a cast of 9 performers (with the potential for unlimited numbers of non-speaking ensemble mutants) and a flexible band of 3-5 musicians (Keyboard, Bass, Drums, Optional Guitar, and Optional Reed Doubler).

  • JEAN GREY (Soprano Belter) telepath and die-hard Christmas enthusiast, can't wait for all of her teammates to come home for the holidays!

  • CYCLOPS AKA SCOTT SUMMERS (Pop Baritone), is team leader of the X-Men and a little too serious...about everything - including securing the X-Mansion for Christmas!

  • WOLVERINE AKA LOGAN (Pop Tenor) is the team's #1 brawler and won't let anything stand between him and giving Jean Grey the best Christmas present EVER!

  • STORM AKA ORORO MUNRO (High Belter) is the team's resident weather goddess, and her joyous blizzard-making creates the perfect white Christmas!

  • NIGHTCRAWLER AKA KURT WAGNER (Tenor) teleporter and nascent theater director, brings his friends together for an unforgettable mutant nativity pageant!

  • ROGUE (Alto Belter) unable to kiss anyone under the mistletoe lest she siphon off their life force, doesn't feel very merry this Christmas...that is, until her teammates cheer her up!

  • COLOSSUS AKA PETER RASPUTIN (Bari-Tenor or Tenor) Russian with skin of pure steel, is delighted to have been cast in a STAR-ring role in Nightcrawler's nativity pageant!

  • KITTY PRYDE (Mezzo Belter) youngest member of the X-Men, believes her teammates treat her like a baby, which means she's getting a little rebellion for Christmas - er, Hanukkah!

  • MAGNETO AKA ERIK LENSHERR (Bass/Baritone), archenemy of the X-Men, is determined to destroy anyone celebrating the human holiday of Christmas - especially the X-Men! As always, Magneto is accompanied by his steadfast companion, Roomba!


*X-MAS: A Merry Mutant Musical! is a stage musical written by Christian Duhamel and Sarah Mucek as a work of heroic silliness under US Fair Use laws. It is not endorsed, sanctioned, or in any other way supported directly by Marvel Comics, Disney, or Stan Lee’s or Jack Kirby’s ghosts (to our knowledge).

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